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The ULTIMATE supplement
for Anti-Aging, Cognitive and Overall well-being.

Be proactive. Not reactive, about ageing and health.

Ageing is already happening. Many realise this, but don't think twice about it until it's all but too late.

Pro-life, for life.

Through tough work day grinds or through lazy weekends. Whether or not work is physically demanding, or mentally draining, our body and mind, is what keeps us going. We wanted to create a supplement that does just that. Our answer? NMN PURE 9000.


+Reduced oxidation in red blood cells supporting cerebral circulation
+Reduced amyloid β levels
+36% Increase in Cognitive Performance with 90mins of consumption
+10 Years of Rejuvenated Memory after 6months of consumption

Vision & Eye Health

+Preserve focus/refocus function of ciliary muscle
+Relieved eye fatigue
+Increased retinal blood flow
+Increased Mitochondrial Function
+Managed muscle damage biomarkers (CK and AST)
+Lowered risk of obesity


+Improved muscle strength
+Improved muscle endurance
+Reduced C-Reactive protein levels
+Increased Mitochondrial Function
+Managed muscle damage biomarkers (CK and AST)
+Lowered risk of obesity


+Improved blood lipid profile
+Reduced phospholipid peroxidation
+Improved antioxidant bio markers (TAC, PLASMA MDA and SOD)


+Moisturise and smooth skin
+Inhibit age spots and atopic dermatitis
+Reduce wrinkles and maintain elasticity


+Promotion of NAD+ Growth
+Enhanced repair of damaged DNA +Increased Mitochondrial Function

Key Capsule Contents


NMN (Beta – Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a nucleotide naturally found in the body which has been shown to possess powerful anti aging benefits. NMN is also derived from plants such as broccoli, avocado and

NMN is found to exert anti-inflammatory properties and reliably boost NAD+ levels (Low NAD+ levels are responsible for many hallmarks of aging).

NAD+ plays a crucial role in various biological processes including cell repair, DNA repair and metabolism. NAD+ levels tend to decline as one gets older, this leads to increased signs of aging such as wrinkles
& skin spotting. As such, additional sources of NMN and NAD+ needs to be included into our everyday diet.

NMN has also been proven to be 100% safe through clinical trials on both animals and humans and has a proven track record in providing powerful anti-aging as a skincare supplement.

Induce powerful anti-aging benefits

Through stimulating the production of NAD+ , it makes biological processes such as cell repair, DNA repair and metabolism more efficient. This ultimately helps with anti-aging due to NAD+ gradually decreasing over time. 

Form protection against UV rays on skin

NAD+ is also responsible for the production of Vitamin B3 (Nictotinamide), Vitamin B3 is critical for skin sun sensitivity and maintaining cellular health. It helps suppresses the negative effects of UV-rays on the skin and has been clinically proven in animal models and clinical trials.

Promotes vascular health and blood flow

Through clinical trials, the supplementation of NAD+ through NMN increases arterial activity and reverses age associated carotid artery endothelium-dependent dilation (EDD). It presents itself as a novel therapy to reverse age related arterial dysfunction by decreasing oxidative stress.

Influence increased metabolic effects

Conclusive evidence has been found that increasing NAD+ levels attenuates metabolic disturbances and increases the efficiency of metabolism. NAD+ stimulates creation of the sirtuin enzyme which combats metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunctions. 


Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant with potent anti-aging effects, it is derived from the microagla Haematococcus pluvialis. Its unique molecular structure allows it to reside within the cell membrane and protect cells from free radicals. Clinical trials show that consuming Astaxanthin as a supplement can protect from UV damage, shrinks wrinkles and reduce signs of aging. 

Astaxanthin protects all layers of skin from the Stratum Corneum to the Hypodermis as a multi-pronged supplement to curb the effects of aging. In a blind placebo-controlled clinical study, it was found that an Astaxanthin treated group of participants showed significant improvements of visible wrinkles. 

Astaxanthin is obtained by cultivating microalgae in indoor photobioreactors which control crucial parameters for growth and accumulation of astaxanthin. The process is FDA-approved and GMO free and has achieved the USP Verified Dietary Ingredient approval. This recognises and assures the quality and manufacturing integrity. 


Moisturise and smooth skin

ROS causes lipid peroxidation of the skin top layer (stratum corneum) which reduces the natural barrier function. Astaxanthin scavenges the ROS in the skin surface which ultimately helps reduce moisture loss and keeps skin smooth.
Inhibit age spots and atopic dermatitis

Natural astaxanthin reduces UVB induced inflammation via the NF-kB kinase dependent pathway. The less stressed the skin is the better, this reduces age spots and slow down the effects of dermatitis for healthier and better looking skin.

Reduce wrinkles and maintain elasticity

Natural Astaxanthin assists skin renewal by minimising effects of ROS. Too much ROS will break down the collagen matrix and increase levels of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) leading to wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity.

Improve blood quality and flow

Astaxanthin also offers support for cardiovascular health in that its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties can significantly shorten blood transit times. Several studies have also indicated its potential to lower blood pressure.


Memophenol™ is a patented formulation clinically proven to improve neurogenesis, short term memory and synaptic plasticity. Formulated with extracts from French Grapes and North American Wild Blueberry providing a myriad of carefully selected polyphenols, these provide a synergistic effect which improves cognitive performance. 

Through epidemiological studies, it was found that via nutrition, mainly from consumption of essential polyphenols can prevent cognitive decline. This finding led to a 4 year clinical study involving groups of institutions, scientists and medical professionals. It conclusively indicated that polyphenols have a positive effect on several aspects of memory and notably short-term working and long-term episodic memories. 

From further research on Polyphenols, specific polyphenols beneficial to long and short term memory are found in larger quantities in French Grapes and North American Wild Blueberries. Moreover, they are rich in anthocyanins, flavonols and flavonol monomers, which helps improve overall health and wellness.

Increase in Brain Bioavailility

Studies have evaluated that polyphenols have exhibited a beneficial effect on age-related cognitive decline, and improves age related episodic memory decline in seniors and students

Improved Synaptic Plasticity

Spatial learning and memory deficits associated with hippocampal synaptic plasticity impairments are commonly observed during aging. Polyphenols have been shown to reverse that process and minimise negative effects. 

Improved Neurogenesis
Neurogenesis is the production of new functional neurons in our brain. A healthy adult produces about 700 new neurons every day. But with aging, this process tends to decline. Memophenol can increase the proportion of new neurons with connections.
Form protection against UV rays on skin
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Max Leong
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This is an amazing product! Tried it myself and felt that I was performing better, waking up easier, and just feeling less lethargic. Bought another bottle just for my wife!
Melissa Chung
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I would rate Pure9000 a 5/5. Read the research, tried the product, loved the results.
Amelia Lim
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I'm from HK and NMN is gaining popularity here. I have been trying pure nmn products but I'm glad to use Pure9000 with it's additional actives that will take care of my skincare needs at the same time.

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