Launch of QR code to verify product authencity

We heard you! To continue to ensure that all our customers purchase only authentic Timeless products, we have developed a QR code that enables you to do a product authentication check.

Products launched from September 1, 2019 onwards will have a unique QR code printed on the packaging. Customers can scan the QR code using the official Timeless app or via WeChat to verify if the product is authentic. Download the Timeless app to authenticate your products and stay updated on our latest news.

Follow these steps to authenticate via the Timeless app (available on iOS and Android):

1. Launch the Timeless app and click on the scan icon at the bottom. Align the QR code on the box to the center of the scanning frame.

2. After successfully scanning the QR code, the product information will be displayed as follows. The user will also be prompted to scratch off the silver coating under the QR code to reveal a second QR code.

3. After scratching off the silver coating, click “Scan Again” and align the new QR code to the scanning frame.

The app will display different results based on various scenarios below.

(A) If the product is authentic and has not been scanned before, you should see the message below:

(B) If the product is authentic and scanned by the same user again, you should see the message below:

(C) If the product has been scanned by another user, OR should a user have successfully scanned the QR code without signing in, the following message will be displayed:

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